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  • Erin Alvarez

    Erin Alvarez

  • Keith Burgun

    Keith Burgun

    Game designer with a BA in Political Science. Author of Clockwork Game Design.

  • Alexander O. Smith

    Alexander O. Smith

  • leaf corcoran

    leaf corcoran

    http://moonscript.org β–² http://itch.io β–² http://leafo.net/lapis

  • Avery Chang

    Avery Chang

  • DylanCuesta


    Filmmaker/Cinephile/QuiveringAmoeba. Grumpy geriatric in 23 yr old body. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxfVbuWXJAPQ26tL6_BeLng

  • felix πŸ‰

    felix πŸ‰

    Producer - @Polytron Board Member - @femfreq NightSchooler - @nightschoolers Business/PR - http://secretlegendgame.com hmu felix@felix.zone

  • Maddy 'MIDI' Myers 🌈

    Maddy 'MIDI' Myers 🌈

    Editor at @TheMarySue. Formerly @PasteMagazine, @BostonPhoenix. Makes silly videos/podcasts for @AtomicBlueProd. Plays the keytar & sings in the @RobotKnights.



    Queer socialist and overall strange creature. He/Him

  • Patrick Lindsey

    Patrick Lindsey

    Videogame critic|Co-wrote Depression Quest|cohosts @bulletpointsvg|American-Canadian-American|Opinions mine, you don't want them|Will write for validation.

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